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About me


Hi, my name is Rick Hendricksen and I have a masters degree in in Computer Science and Engineering.

On this website you can view my home-brew forum, and some of my hobby projects. My forum has been an ongoing project since halfway through my first year at university, and it's features are coming together quite nicely.

You might be wondering "Why xupwup? That is quite a strange name.". Well, it turns out there is a rather "interesting" (not really) story to tell regarding the name's origins.

Several years ago, in a world different from our own, I needed a name. Not just an ordinary name, because ordinary names don't belong to a world such as the one I was in. It was a great, mystical realm as one only ever encounters in a game. This world was no exception, since it existed only in an in an MMO, in my case Guild Wars.

So, in a special world I needed a special name for one of my characters. Since, at the time, my imagination failed me I turned to the proven technique of keyboard bashing. This method yielded an awesome unintelligible word/name/whatever, which was also impossible to pronounce! That was almost what I wanted, so all that was left to do was make it more or less pronounceable.

Back then I was convinced the name was sufficiently mystical, but after a while it started to lose some of its shine. However, to this day it remains completely unique which is its greatest, or arguably only, strength.


I like programming interesting things. During my studies I focus on visualization, but I like coding in general. My favourite part of coding is the problem solving aspect. To solve all those interesting problems, I needed to write some code. Of course when programming you need to choose the right programming language for the job, so I know quite a few programming and scripting languages. A few examples are listed below.

  • Java
  • OpenGL 1 and OpenGL ES 2.0
  • GLSL
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
For more information, see my linkedin profile.